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Script - Seccion Baja Gratuita de Vehículos

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Download inPDF all the necessary models to unregister your car.



Passenger cars and vans up to 3,500 kg

In this case, the lower will processed by an Authorized Treatment Facility upon delivery. The documents to be submitted in the center will be:

If the holder is an individual:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • SPC vehicle
  • DNI holder
  • The operator shall fill out and sign the Application for Final Baja provided by the CAT
  • When making the delivery of the required documents is not the owner, the person should bring a written authorization signed by the holder, that validates him to make suitable arrangements for the floor of the vehicle

If the holder is a legal person:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • SPC vehicle
  • Copy of CIF Company
  • DNI Manager, Guardian or the person who has signed with the company (with a written accreditation)
  • Representation Document of Legal Entities covered and signed by the representative of the company (provided by the CAT)
  • Request for deregistration deck and signed by the representative of the entity

Other Vehicles

In this case it is not required to take the vehicle to an Authorized Treatment Facility. However, is recommended.

Also, if you bring a CAT,you don´t pay a fee.

Good to know that:

  • If your vehicle has not passed the Vehicle Inspection (ITV) is no impediment to perform the deregistration.
  • If your vehicle has unpaid traffic tickets, it´s not a reason to proceed the canceled of vehicle.
  • If you don´t have the vehicle, you must go to the Traffic Department
  • If you have lost the documents, you need to provide ID and photocopy of the vehicle documents (Technical and Circulation Permit Card) or failing data delivery that will facilitate the holder to the DGT
  • If you are the owner, but not the main owner must bring your ID, along with the Contract of Purchase and Sale entered into with the owner of the car, showing your property.
  • In the case of a vehicle whose owner is deceased, you must provide the following documents (Registration Certificate, SPC, copy of ID card holder, a copy of the Death Certificate, Will or Declaration of Heirs notary, DNI of all Heirs , deregistration request signed by all the heirs and authorization by all the heirs to the Crown that delivers all documentation in the CAT)